17 February 2011

YorIT submissions - the full list

Jane Conover, the York County Community Foundation's vice president of community investment and an advisor for the group organizing the YorIT Social Venture Challenge, noticed I had mentioned two of the challenge's video submissions earlier this week. She thought it would only be fair to mention all of them, and she provided me with the links, so here you go, all seven submissions:

Business Owners Trade Alliance: An idea that would connect businesses in York and provide pooled resources in the form of a barter exchange program.

Healthy World Cafe: A proposal to develop a new downtown restaurant based on a "pay what you can afford" model that emphasizes locally grown ingredients.

Children's Museum of  York: A proposal to bring a children's museum to the city that would emphasize hands-on, interactive displays, with an emphasis on developing an interest in science and creativity.

Y-Fi: An idea to expand an existing effort to bring free Wi-Fi access points to more businesses and gathering places in the city.

A music studio: A proposal to establish a music facility where people could come to play, learn and share music.

Downtown delivery service using bicycles: An idea to offer delivery services for downtown businesses and residents that would use delivery people riding bikes.

Housing: A call to create a nonprofit dedicated to converting blighted properties and neighborhoods into new, mixed-income communities.

YorIT is in the process of narrowing this list down to a few finalists, and the winner will be selected April 8 following group presentations by the finalists the same day. To read more about the challenge, go to http://yorit.org/.

Note: The original version of this post contained the incorrect date for the finalists presentations. The correct dates is April 8.
- Dan Fink

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Deron Schriver said...

I'm part of the Healthy World Cafe effort, so of course I think that is the best candidate. Good luck to all in the running. York will benefit no matter who wins!