03 February 2011

More on Chris Leinberger, Building York Summit

There's still time to register for next week's two-day Building York summit. On Feb. 9, there's a kick-off event with a VIP dessert reception and a screening of the film "My Tale of Two Cities." On Feb. 10, there will be a couple of breakout sessions in the morning, a lunch keynote from Chris Leinberger and an afternoon roundtable discussion.

Read Eric Menzer's blog post on Chris here, and watch this video to get a feel for where Chris will go with his message:

- Dan Fink

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thomasedonley said...

We in the York County Chamber agree that Generation Y is making a big difference.

Your Chamber has reached out to these young professionals, age 21-40 and they have joined CHAMBERfuel in record breaking numbers. In less than a year, fuel has more than 240 members and is selling out events with excellent business sponsor support.

According to a recent Kiplinger Report titled Make Way for Generation Y, these children of Baby Boomers, born from the late 1970s to the late 1990s, are 77 million strong, up there in numbers with their parents. Whatever the “Y” stands for, the “Young in York”—numbering more than 80,000—are starting to make a difference in business, community and The Chamber.

Entering the work force during war, business meltdowns and recession, they are toughening up in a hurry and working hard to climb the ladder of success, as they define it. They value education (greatly), lifestyle and work balance...continuing the value trend of workers in their 30s and early 40s.

Raised to increasing education standards, they are well educated and embrace lifelong learning. Texting, Facebooking and YouTubing, they are tech-savvy, racially and ethnically diverse and globally aware. Exposed to 9/11 and its culture shock as children and raised during two ongoing wars, I have read that they have incorporated a search for safety into their world view. This is a valuable asset for employers; they are not naive and see the world honestly as it is evolving.

They expect organizational cultures allowing freedom, creativity, independence and flexibility. This, and the fact that good entry-level jobs are still scarce, is positioning them as the next great generation of entrepreneurs.

Our country and community need them to be tough and entrepreneurial because they are the foot soldiers, and ultimately the leaders, as to how the US chooses to deal with the huge issues of peace and prosperity, government debt, energy conservation and security, funding Social Security, the social safety net and educating their children. WOW, what a daunting national agenda!

Our CHAMBERfuel Committee and members have a strong interest in education, networking and connecting with elected officials. They have the following programs planned for 2011: Ultimate Sports Night – a collaborative reception with the sports and recreation organizations in the York area on Wednesday, February 16 and Market Mixer – a celebration of young people’s organizations in our community on Wed, March 30.

I am proud they find value and are active in Chamber functions and leadership. Bullish about their futures, they are also open to change…a good thing, considering how rapidly it comes. Get connected with them through The Chamber and they will help you fuel your future growth.