16 April 2009

Housing Summit: What comes next?

The Healthy York County Coalition's Housing Task Force met today, and one of the things we talked about was the York Housing Summit, held in March. The task force put together an ambitious program for the 140 people who attended the summit, and one result was a long list of actions that might be taken to improve the environment for affordable housing in York County. A subcommittee will be assembled to prioritize the action steps and to identify which agencies could potentially make them happen.

Here are the five steps that generated the most support at the summit:
  • Create a county-based homeless planning group.
  • Agree on the need for a of countywide Human Relation Commission
  • Improve efforts regarding discharge planning from jails and other public institutions
  • Agree on the need for re-entry housing for those with criminal records
  • Increase inter-agency training, coordination and cooperation.
What one or two things do you think should happen to create more affordable housing opportunities in York County?

- Dan Fink


Anonymous said...

Creating the affordable housing advisory committee for starters. There is a real lack of collaboration among all the organizations who deal with housing issues.

The Housing Summit was FANTASTIC. Would love to see more conferences like that in York County.

And, spread out the poor to other areas outside the city by offering more services in other places besides downtown along with entry-level housing.

YorkCounts said...


Write to Mayor Brenner and the county commimssioners and tell them you think it's important to get the city-county Housing Advisory Council up and running. They're the ones in discussions about appointments.