21 April 2009

Call to action: Gang prevention

If you thought gangs were just a city problem, think again. An upcoming forum on gangs will detail gang activity all around York County and explore strategies for preventing gangs that have worked elsewhere and what could work here. The York County Gang Prevention Initiative community forum will have two experts in gangs and gang prevention delivering keynotes. Todd Negola is a clinical/forensic psychologist with 18 years of experience working with gang populations. Errika Jones is the director of The Gang-Free Schools and Communities Initiative in Pittsburgh schools. The forum will also include a breakout session to brainstorm solutions to gang scenarios. To register, go here; there is no cost to attend. For details, contact Beth Gill-MacDonald at 717-495-7267 or bxg5@aol.com.

How much of a problem are gangs in your school district?

- Dan Fink

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