19 November 2009

Truancy effort aims for grant

An article in the Nov. 19 York Daily Record reports that the York County commissioners applied for a $75,000 state grant that would pay for an anti-truancy specialist for York County. This is great news for the fight to reduce truancy and dropout rates. The United Way of York County recently made public the YorkCounts-United Way Stay in School Report, and one of the recommendations in the report is to expand the work of Judge John Uhler's truancy prevention task force. A key part of that would involve hiring a full-time coordinator. It sounds like this grant would be a big step in that direction.

- Dan Fink


Margaret L. Hughes said...

As a retired elementary teacher in the Cit Of York, I have observed behaviors which deter chldren from learning in the early years, and I believe contribute to later truancy and delinquency. Parents need to find quality time with their young children, take and interest in and assist with homework as needed, eat meals with their children on a regular basis, read to and with their children, converse regularly with them, and refrain from using tv as a baby-sitter. Efforts need to be to include parent education in order to prevent truancy in later years.

giniam said...

I think that is a great start. As I stated previously I believe more programs should be established that aims directly for teens, such as the org. I created, T.E.E.N. Not all teens have positive role models but working with them to get their priorities straight and encouraging them that they can acheive whatever they put thier minds to (despite the harsh obstacles they are facing) is a start!