21 July 2009

Gauging interest in the IB charter school

We're pretty excited here to have received funding for the International Baccalaureate regional charter school. But we'd like to know more about how you see this effort. Specifically, we'd like to know if there are individuals with school-age children or soon-to-be school-age children that would consider enrolling their kids in a future York IB school. Remember: This school would create classrooms with a mix of students from the city and the suburbs, hopefully offsetting the negative effects of classrooms filled with overwhelmingly poor children. And it would represent an attempt to make available a high-quality public education to parents all around York County.

Tell us what you think in a comment, and if you're comfortable, leave your name and e-mail address.

- Dan Fink


Rev Aaron Anderson said...

I think the idea is great, though the devil is always in the details:) I will soon have four school-age children and think the concept is intriguing.

Jessica said...

We are cautiously optimistic about the IB charter idea and are watching the planning very closely. We live in Springdale and have two boys who will be school-aged in the coming years - our oldest will be entering kindergarten soon. We would love to be able to stay in our neighborhood and our house which we love, but are worried about schools, especially when our kids get older and are entering middle school. A quality IB program that really attracts a diverse student body would be a VERY attractive option.

Warren Bulette said...

Why is York Counts silent on the unsafe downtown location of the proposed IB charter school and curriculum that teaches world citizenship over US citizenship? I suggest you let potential parents know all about the IB positions on important issues like world government and supreme court, global warming, nation wealth sharing, US armed forces serving under UN Commanders, etc that would significantly diminish our freedom and liberty.

YorkCounts said...


A site hasn't been selected yet. So I'm not sure how you can say the downtown site is unsafe, unless you think any downtown site would be unsafe. And that would reflect an uninformed bias against the city. You might talk to Logos Academy about why they're building on West King Street. As far as those other things, I don't know much about them. But I'm pretty sure the local school administrators won't be paying much attention to internationalism/one-world issues in the curriculum.